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Starting your Career

As you begin your life after school, you have many employment choices in front of you. Do you go into a corporate or group office, join the military, find an associateship with a private doctor, or start up your own private practice?  Regardless of the path you choose, ADS Lovelace and Associates is available to help you plan for any eventuality.

An initial important consideration, regardless of employment type, is how much income you will need to earn. This factor is important in narrowing down potential opportunities and must take into account the cost of living where you would like to live as well as any student loan payments and personal lifestyle.

While the primary constraints on most employment searches are geographic and financial, additional important considerations include the type of dentistry to you want to practice, any personal practice philosophy, and your immediate and long term goals.

If you are just starting your career in dentistry, you will receive a free 30 minute consultation with ADS Lovelace and Associates to discuss:

ADS Lovelace and Associates would like to assist you in choosing the career path in dentistry that is right for you.  Call for your free consultation today.*

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*This offer is for all young dentists in their senior year, or within one year of their graduation from Dental School, or Specialty school.


We are happy to answer your questions! Our goal is to ensure an effective transition with personalized attention.

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